you know that summer never stopped.

he doesn't know his own strength

this is old, but i never posted it anywhere, and i figured maybe i should.

TITLE: he doesn't know his own strength
AUTHOR: littlestclouds
CHARACTERS: barry zito/alyssa milano, implied unrequited barry zito/mark mulder
WC: 485
A/N: i kinda got this idea after looking at pictures of zito and milano on the 'net. this was put up on my temporary site but never posted anywhere.

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One Last Chance

Author: Piney61
Rating: PG or so
Summary: Basically it's inside the mind of Curt Leskanic during Game 4 of the ALCS
A/N: I was bored in my History class about 6 months ago or so when I wrote this. I think it's pretty lame, but hey I may as well see how it goes across here. Most of this is probably completely untrue but I try to stay true to the game facts. And one of the lines at the end was actually muttered by Johnny Pesky to Leskanic(I'm sure some of you know what that is)

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old times good times

Gen? I do not write... gen. *contemptuous lip curl*

Sigh. Except when I do. This is kind of old but I can't remember if I posted it anywhere else when I first wrote it, so.

Title: Interlude
Author: americanleaguer
Rating: G, I suppose
Summary: Written during Spring Training this year. Apparently Derek Lowe showed up in Florida and was working out with the Sox until the boys upstairs kicked him out. Awww he just wants to stay with his friends and he's OK with being a Dodger but not with leaving these guys he's played with for what, 7 years? The story, as they say, wrote itself.
Disclaimer: This is FICTION. If you can't understand that, how the hell did you sign on to the internet?

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If I recall correctly, I was all weird and broody when I wrote this. Ha ha, you can so tell.
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TITLE: Entrevoir
CHARACTERS: José Théodore, Marc-André Fleury, 2 Nameless Girls
WORD COUNT: 1648 Words
DISCLAIMER: Better than being mine is they're mine in my head
A/N: Marc-André Fleury's point of view. The dialogue is completely in Québécois but it's pretty self-explanatory what's going on so you don't have to speak french to get it. This is het and slash and by request of littlestclouds.

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this is the road to hell

sappy fic, anyone?

I just realized I have hardly any hockey icons in my 60+ (and even this hockey icon is a baseball hockey icon). Thank god the NHL is coming back.


Author: Mara
Rating: PG (gen)
Summary: A young goalie plays on after the death of his brother.
A/N: This is two stories--companion pieces. The first is written like a magazine feature article, and the second is written as a school essay by the subject of the first. Confused much?
If they sound familiar, you probably read them at H-D about two years ago.

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